• Where can you deliver returns to?

    We deliver returns to Amazon, UPS, FedEx and USPS. 

  • Can you pick up packages for multiple carriers at the same time?

    Yes, we can pick up all types of packages at the same time.

  • What payment options do you provide for clients?

    We use Stripe to process payments. All main methods of payments are accepted. 

  • Do I need to pack my returns?

    We can print a label and pack it for you. Please see the pricing section for more information.

  • Do you do Amazon returns with QR codes?

    Yes, just send us a QR code and place your item(s) on the porch. Currently we can't take your returns to Kohl's. Please choose either an Amazon or UPS location.  

  • Is it safe to leave my package on the porch?

    Yes, the same way carriers leave your deliveries for you, you leave your returns for a pickup driver.  

  • Is there a maximum weight?

    The maximum weight is 50 lb. There is no extra charge for all packages under 20 pounds. $1 extra fee for packages between 20 - 30 pounds, $2 for packages between 30-40 pounds and $3 extra for anything above 40 pounds.

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